Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


At our centre, Cardiac rehabilitation/Secondary prevention/Pulmonary rehabilitation programs are multifaceted, comprehensive and designed to optimize a patients physical, psychological and social functioning. We have a multidisciplinary and integrated approach. The components of this program include heath education, risk factor and lifestyle modification, counselling, physical activity, nutritional advice, exercise training, foster healthy behaviour thus reduce disability, improve exercise capacity, enhance psychosocial and vocational state of patients, promote active lifestyle and return to work.

Who will benefit:

  • Individuals at risk of heart diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes
  • Conservative management in heart failure and heart disease
  • Obstructive/restrictive lung diseases
  • Post procedures – Angioplasty
  • Post Surgeries- CABG, heart/lung transplant, pacemakers, valve replacement, lung surgeries
  • Post covid-19
  • Metabolic diseases
  • Cancer conditions
  • Obesity
  • Sports fitness groups

All of whom are looking to improving their exercise capacity, strength and endurance for a healthier lifestyle.

Rehabilitation Goals and Benefits:

  • Aims to restore the patient’s independent life
  • Improve exercise capacity and strength
  • Decrease level of perceived exertion
  • Reduced dependency on external oxygen support
  • Decrease medication dependency
  • Prevention of future complications
  • Increase participation in physical and social activities
  • Improvement in quality of life and overall health and well being

State of the art infrastructure facilities like Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET), resistance and AI enabled aerobic exercise training equipment, cardiopulmonary monitoring systems. A typical program for these patients would contain supervised exercise sessions from week 1 for inpatients to week 12 post cardiac/pulmonary event as outpatients extending to a maintenance training phase.

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