Radio Diagnosis &
Interventional Radiology


Department of Radio-diagnosis is having full-fledged, full time, qualified, experienced, faculty members having expertise in all imaging modalities. Equipped with state – of art facilities, the department is rooted in academics and offers patients real-time imaging services. The department is well equipped with all the latest radiography equipment from high-end radiography machines, 1000 mA image intensifiers, mammography unit for breast imaging, C – arms, mobile radiography units, ultrasound machines with color doppler, 3D & 4D facilities, mobile ultrasound units for bedside radiography in ICUs and emergency wards and cath lab for interventional procedures. The department has two state-of-the-art multislice C. T. machines and a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine with all the software. On the basis of academics, the department provided a vigorous postgraduate teaching program with interaction 6 days a week which includes interdepartmental case presentations. As a part of the curriculum’s external postings, residents are posted to higher centers. The department also encourages students participation in various national and international conferences. Teaching programs and training are also conducted for the student radiographers. It is an excellent department for students who dream of becoming proficient radiologists and radiographers. The department has well-trained nursing staff who provide quality nursing care.

Highlights of Dept.

A wide ranges of facilities are available in the department besides routine imaging and contrast investigations, special investigations like musculoskeletal ultrasonography, CT angiography and imaging guided procedures are performed.

The model and equipment faculties available at our institute and department are as follows:

Facilities & Services

Routine Imaging
Contrast Investigations
Musculoskeletal Ultrasonography
CT Angiography and Imaging

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    Equipment Facilities

    • Siemens Avanto TIM 18 Channe-1.5 Teslal MRI unit
    • Siemens Somatoma 128 slice CT scanner unit.
    • Hitachi 32 slice Supriya
    • Metteltronica –Lylium Mammography unit
    • Shimadzu 1000mA IITV Flexavision R/ F Radiography / Fluoroscopy.
    • Voluson E10 Radiance BT 19 Hi End 3D/4D
    • Voluson E8 Radiance BT 19 Hi end 3D/4D
    • GE Voluson 730 pro series color Doppler / ultrasound
    • Sonosite ultrasound Colour Doppler unit mobile unit
    • Siemens Acuson AP-500 Portable unit
    • Logic V2 Portable unit
    • Medison –Sono Ace XI ultrasound scan mobile unit
    • Siemens 10Kw 160mA multiphos10 plus x-ray unit
    • Siemens Heliophos D- 600mA, x-ray unit
    • Siemens 200mA multiphos -15 plus x-ray unit
    • Meditronics-100mA Diagnox mobile x ray unit
    • Siemens 2.5KW 60mA high frequency 6 units
    • Siemens-60mA multimobile 2.5 high frequency mobile unit
    • Allengers HF49-R C’ arm unit Minor OT
    • SKAN C MYD820R0019 C’ arm unit Main OT
    • COMED-KMC 956 C’ arm unit
    • OPESCOPE ACTINO WHA200 C’ arm unit
    • Fuji capsula XL II – Computed Radiographic unit


    Clinical Excellence

    • 17

      Years of experience

    • 500 +


    • 2.5 million +

      Patients Served

    • 83000 +

      Surgeries Performed