Silence is beautiful, but not always. The magic of silence works only when it is transient and punctuates sound. The luxury of choosing when and how to enjoy silence comes because of certain body organs that never let life become mute. At MS Ramaiah memorial hospital we have a special department dedicated to take care of these special organs (ear, nose and throat)

– The ENT Department

This department at M S Ramaiah memorial hospital is equipped with LEICA microscope, drill, microdebrider, latest microsurgery set, micro laryngeal set along with Karl – Storz endoscopes. The expert team of doctors in the department performs various surgeries ranging from ear lobe repair to hearing restoration by microsurgeries, endoscopic surgeries and various head and neck surgeries.


Facilities & Services

Nasal Endoscopy, Septoplasty , Rhinoplasty, Endoscopic surgery (FESS, DCR, CSF leak closure, optic/orbital decompression), Facioplastic surgery, anterior and lateral skull base surgeries.
Micro laryngeal surgeries, therapy for voice disorders and speech rehabilitation, Broncho-esophagoscopy, Videolaryngoscopy
Treatment of benign conditions in the head and neck (thyroid and parotid) as well as various cancer surgeries involving oral cavity , thyroid , paranasal sinuses , ear, laryngeal and upper digestive tract.
Skull base tumour surgeries such as glomus tumor, acoustic neuroma and schwannoma
ENT emergencies, maxilla – facial fractures, re-animation and re-implantation surgeries
Day care surgeries such as myringoplasty, tongue tie release, adenoidectomy, grommet insertion, tonsillectomy, surgeries for snoring and swallowing disorders (radio frequency), intra tympanic therapy etc.
Pure tone audiometry, impedance audiometry, BERA, ENG, NST and MST with highly trained and experienced audiologists and speech therapists.

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    Treatment & Procedure

    • Chronic otitis media – squamosal type and mucosal type
    • Otosclerosis
    • Foreign body – ear , nose, throat ,bronchus and esophagus
    • Acute and chronic Rhinosinusitis
    • Sinonasal polyposis
    • Adenotonsillitis
    • Deviated nasal septum and external nasal deformity
    • Allergic rhinitis
    • Peripheral vertigo
    • Sudden sensorineural hearing loss
    • Congenital deafness
    • Mucormycosis
    • Voice disorders and vocal cord lesions
    • Malignancies of the ear , nose and throat
    • Neck swellings like salivary gland swellings , thyroid swelling and lymph nose swelling
    • CSF rhinorrhoea


    Clinical Excellence

    • 17

      Years of experience

    • 500 +


    • 2.5 million +

      Patients Served

    • 83000 +

      Surgeries Performed