Vascular & Endovascular Surgery


‘You are as old as your arteries’ 

The institute of vascular and endovascular surgery at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital provides top of the line vascular, endovascular & advanced Diabetic Wound care therapies. We have a tradition of excellence in clinical care, innovative methods of evaluation and treatment of Arterial, venous & diabetic foot diseases. 

It is one of the first clinics in Bangalore for the management of vascular diseases. Vascular & Endovascular surgeons are specialists, who are highly trained to treat diseases of the vascular system. We specialize in treatments of every kind of vascular problem except those of the heart and the brain.


Varicose Vein
Deep Vein Thrombosis (Dvt)
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Carotid Artery Disease
Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair (TEVAR)
Dialysis Access
Diabetic Foot Disorders
Advanced Wound Care Centre
Plantar Pressure Platform Pedography System
ABI (Ankle Brachial Index
Transcutaneous Oxygen, Tcpo2
Neuropathy Analyser
Diabetic Footwear Services
Foot Care & Nail Care

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    Facilities/ Services

    • Peripheral vessel angioplasty & stenting for PAD
    • Atherectomy procedure
    • Surgical Bypass procedures for PAD
    • Surgical & Endovascular management of stroke & its prevention
    • Carotid Endarterectomy
    • Carotid Artery angioplasty & stenting
    • Treatment of Carotid Body Tumor
    • Dialysis Access Surgeries –   AV Fistula, AV grafts, Basilic vein Transposition, Permacth insertion
    • Minimally invasive access salvage procedures [Central venous angioplasty & access angioplasty]
    • Endovascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms [EVAR]
    • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair (AAA)
    • Thrombolytic Therapy
    • Renal artery stenting
    • Transplant renal artery stenting
    • LASER treatment for varicose veins
    • Radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins
    • Foam sclerotherapy for varicose veins
    • Open varicose vein surgery
    • Venous ulcer management by specialized compression dressings
    • Peripheral arterial aneurysm stent grafting
    • Diabetic Foot Care
    • Diabetic foot wound management with international standard wound care materials
    • Non Invasive diagnostic test like PVR, ABI, Podia Scan, Tcpo2 evaluation, Pedography & Neuropathic assessment with Advanced Diabetic Foot Wear Division


    Clinical Excellence

    • 17

      Years of experience

    • 500 +


    • 2.5 million +

      Patients Served

    • 83000 +

      Surgeries Performed