Medical Gastroenterology


The Department of Gastroenterology at Ramaiah Memorial Hospitals (RMH) aims at preventing, diagnosing and treating digestive tract and liver disorders. These mainly include conditions involving the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon. WHAT WE TREAT RMH Gastroenterology essentially addresses diseases of the oesophagus , stomach , small intestine , colon, rectum , pancreas , gall bladder , bile ducts and liver . The functioning of the entire digestive system both related to the passage of food through the digestive canal to the physiological process of food digestion , absorption , and elimination come under the purview of this speciality . It include the medical and surgical treatment of diseases such as pancreatitis , reflux , peptic ulcer disease, cirrhosis of liver , inflammatory bowel disease , irritable bowel syndrome and cancer.HOW WE TREAT We aim to make recovery from the disease quick and easy with the help of expert team of gastroenterologists and surgeons who work together as a team with the available advanced diagnostic technologies . We perform on an average more than 1000 diagnostic and more than 1000 therapeutic endoscopy colonoscopy, and ERCP procedures in a year.

Facilities & Services

Diagnostic /Therapeutic Endoscopy/Capsule Endoscopy.
Esophageal And Rectal Manometry
Breath Test
Therapeutic Procedure Performed
Esophageal Band Ligation /Sclerotherapy
Foreign Body Removal
Enternal Feeding Tube Placements - Nj Tube / Naso Gastric Tube/Peg Tubes
Structure Dilatations /Apc /Hemospray/ Clipping
Biliary /Esophageal Metallic Sems Placement
Coeliac Plexus Block
Eus Guided Fnac/Biopsies

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    • Identification and staging of the disease
    • Controlling the risk factors
    • Medicines to retard progression of the disease
    • Endoscopy to identify and treat esophageal varices, PHG
    • Taping ascitic fluid
    • Liver transplant evaluation for end stage liver disease
    • Maintaining BP and fluid balance
    • Pain management
    • Avoiding multi organ failure
    • Colonoscopy & biopsy
    • Immunosupressive medicines
    • Biologicals for severe disease


    Clinical Excellence

    • 17

      Years of experience

    • 500 +


    • 2.5 million +

      Patients Served

    • 83000 +

      Surgeries Performed