Vascular Diseases: Risk Factors and Management

There are 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the adult human body. If they are straightened out at full length, they could encircle the earth several times! The whole network of these blood vessels comprises our ‘vascular system’. Any problem or abnormal condition along this vast network of blood vessels can cause a vascular disease, … Continued

A lump in the breast? Should I be worried?

A patient of mine noticed a small lump on her left breast, but could not consult a doctor due to her busy schedule. She kept on putting off the visit as she had no pain. She visited the OPD after about a month and it was diagnosed as cancer of the breast, which had advanced … Continued

Be Fast, Time is Brain

Stroke can occur in any person irrespective of age, gender or time of the day. A 28-year-old lady in good health was returning from a birthday party late in the evening. She developed sudden onset right hand and leg weakness and difficulty in speaking. Her friends rerouted the cab to Ramaiah Memorial Hospital and after … Continued