Yoga Day: For Health

It has been nine years since the United Nations declared the 21st of June to be the International Day of Yoga. A matter of great pride for all Indians, as it showcases not only the benefits of one of our most ancient streams of knowledge but also its eternal relevance. Yoga, meaning ‘to unite’, is … Continued

What is autism?

On World Autism Day…. What is autism? Autism is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain. People with autism often have problems communicating and interacting with people and are often repetitive in their behaviour. They may also have different ways of learning, moving or paying attention. The Greek word ”autós” means self and … Continued

Early Detection of Tumors helps cure

The ‘World Brain Tumour Day’ is celebrated on June 8th every year, to bring awareness about ‘Brain Tumours’ and to support patients with brain tumour. Life is not a bed of roses for anybody, we understand the misery, but it’s either giving in to it or battling it and we help you battle it hard! … Continued

Food Safety Day

Food safety is a critical concern in our hospital, and we follow a multidisciplinary approach that involves various stakeholders. Here are some key aspects we focus on to ensure food safety: FSSAI License: All food outlets in our hospital have obtained the necessary FSSAI license, as regulated by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of … Continued

World No-Tobacco Day

Smoking and tobacco use have long been known to have damaging effects on health. Tobacco consumption, including smoking, is one of the leading causes of preventable death worldwide. Despite the well-known risks associated with tobacco, millions of people continue to use it regularly. Reducing smoking and tobacco use is crucial for maintaining good health. However, … Continued

World thyroid day – 2023

World Thyroid Day, observed annually on May 25th, is a significant occasion that raises awareness about thyroid disorders, their impact on health, and the importance of early detection and proper management. During the annual general meeting of Thyroid Federation International in September 2007, it was decided to create a “World Thyroid Day” on the 25th … Continued

World Lupus Day

Lupus is a serious life-altering, autoimmune disease that occurs when the body system attacks its own tissues and organs. World Lupus Day was created by Lupus Canada in 2004 to raise awareness of this little-known disease that can be life threatening. May month is Lupus Awareness Month and 10th of May is dedicated as World … Continued

NURSES: Caregivers round the clock

  Nurses are the backbone to any health care organization. Nurses have been providing health care for ages and very efficiently too. We all know the dedication of Florence Nightingale, who took care of the wounded soldiers in the Crimean War in the 19th century. She is today known as “the founder of modern nursing”. … Continued

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is the act of cleaning your hands to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. It is a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases. Hand hygiene is important in all aspects of life, whether at home, school, or work. It is especially critical in healthcare settings, … Continued