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World Brain Tumour Day - M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
June 8, 2023 / Blog

The ‘World Brain Tumour Day’ is celebrated on June 8th every year, to bring awareness about ‘Brain Tumours’ and to support patients with brain tumour.

Life is not a bed of roses for anybody, we understand the misery, but it’s either giving in to it or battling it and we help you battle it hard!

Brain tumors comprise 2% of all the malignancies that occurs in the body, 60% of which are high grade tumors. Most common amongst those in adults are Metastatic tumors followed by Astrocytomas which range from Grade I-IV. Grade I, Pilocytic/Benign form and Grade III, IV comprising high grade tumors, Anaplastic Astrocytoma and Glioblastoma respectively. In children most common being the Medulloblastomas. The benign tumors include Meningioma, Acoustic Schwannomas and Pituitary Adenomas.


Presentation of patients with brain tumors varies based on the location of the tumor in the brain. The commonest being headache. Others symptoms are weakness of limbs , visual disturbances, behavioural abnormalities, seizures( both focal and generalized), speech and memory disturbances. The red flags which warrant early Neurosurgical care are features of raised Intracranial Pressure like severe persistent headache, vomiting, blurring of vision, drowsiness, irritability or loss of consciousness. Tumors like Acoustic Schwannomas present with hearing abnormalities, ringing in the ear, facial weakness and gait disturbances. Pituitary tumors present with Visual disturbances, visual field defects and hormonal abnormalities. The brain tumors hence present with a variety of symptoms. Hence not all headaches are tumors and not all tumors present with only headache.


In the present day, with the advancement of technology, the diagnosis of tumors can be accurately made with MRI brain with Gadolinium contrast. Special sequences and Spectroscopy helps in grading the brain tumor better and inturn the management of the tumor. Other ancillary tests like EEG, Serum tumor markers, hormonal assays, CSF analysis guides the prognostication and management.


The primary treatment of brain tumours is micro surgical excision. With the help of advanced technology in the form of operative microscopes with tumor fluroscence, neuronavigation, tractography and intra-op Neuromonitoring , near total or complete excision of brain tumours are now possible with excellent surgical outcome. Tumors close to eloquent areas of the brain like limb area, speech area can be subjected to Awake Craniotomy and Neuromonitoring for the real time guidance of the safe margin of resection without causing neurological deficits.

Do Not Ignore a Simple Headache, consult a nearby Neurosurgeon and get yourself evaluated . Early detection can help, safe and complete resection and hence ensures the possibility of cure.

The impact of brain tumor is almost like nothing else which affects our conscious state, ability to move, walk, speak and sense- Much of who we are.

On this day, we, the faculty and staff at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital stand with you in the fight against brain tumors with all the highly equipped theatres and well-trained neurosurgeons experienced in operating both adult and paediatric brain tumors.

Sending you healing thoughts.

Dr. Rakshith Srinivasa


Department of Neurosurgery

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