If you aim to be Fit and Fine, It’s time to “Move Your Spine”!

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October 18, 2023 / Orthopaedics

Today, we spotlight World Spine Day 2023, a global health event that aligns seamlessly with Ramaiah Memorial Hospital’s core values of promoting wellness and preventive healthcare. The theme this year, “Move Your Spine,” is not just a slogan but a powerful call to action, urging everyone, across all ages and nationalities, to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle for optimal spinal health.

Importance of Spinal Health:

Every fifth Indian in the age group 20-30 suffers from a spinal ailment. Which until a decade ago was restricted only, among senior citizens. Statistics suggest that there has been a 60 percent rise in spinal problems among the youth.

A survey also found that 50 percent of Indian children and teenagers are prone to spinal problems due to the high use of mobile phones and laptops. Prolonged sitting, can add a tremendous amount of pressure to the back muscles and spinal discs, a slouched posture further strains the spinal ligaments and causes major pain in the back and neck. Back pain has been a leading cause of absenteeism at the workplace and is also the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also the second most common reason for visits to a primary care physician

World Spine Day highlights the importance of spinal health and well-being. The day aims to spread awareness about healthy spine practices like physical activity, good posture, responsible lifting, and healthy working conditions for people.

“Move Your Spine”: More Than Just a Slogan

The 2023 campaign calls on people to care for their spines by staying active. Research has shown that immobility and a lack of physical activity are contributors to spinal pain and disability.

“Move Your Spine” encourages people of all ages, to get active and support their spinal health through movement.

Low back pain remains the leading cause of years lived with disability on the planet. Spinal pain and disability are more prevalent than cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease combined.

“Move Your Spine” is a global movement designed to heighten awareness about the complex nature of spinal pain and disability. It emphasizes the criticality of maintaining activity and supporting spinal health through consistent movement.

Incorporating Spinal Health into Our Daily Lives:

Stay Active: Engage in regular physical activities, you enjoy like walking, cycling, or yoga to enhance flexibility and fortify the muscles supporting your spine.

Mindful Movements: Ensure consciousness of your posture and movements, whether working from home, at the office, or during recreational activities. Set a reminder to take a break and “MOVE”! Avoid prolonged sitting.

Healthy Habits: Adopt a balanced diet, prioritize weight management, and consider quitting detrimental habits like smoking that can negatively impact your spinal health. Take time to relax and make sure you’re getting adequate sleep.

Ergonomic Environments: Ensure your living and working spaces are spine-friendly, utilizing ergonomic furniture and setups that support proper posture.

Ramaiah Memorial Hospital: Your Partner in Spinal Health:

At Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, we remain unwavering in our commitment to nurturing a community where spinal health is prioritized and accessible to all. Our team of seasoned specialists and state-of-the-art facilities stand ready to provide comprehensive care and innovative solutions for a myriad of spinal conditions.

Dr. Shravan Y.C. Achar
Department of Orthopaedics

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