Crucial Aspects of Acute Ischemic Stroke: Management, Prevention, and Treatment Advances

Brain Stroke The brain is a wonderful and intricately designed organ with multitude of functions transcending to mindfulness and awareness. When this organ, nourished by an intricate blood vessel network supplying oxygenated blood, has a sudden blocked blood vessel- an acute ischemic stroke develops. Vast numbers of neurons, synapses, and nerve fibers are irretrievably lost … Continued

World Polio Day 2023

On 13 January 2023, India celebrated an incredible milestone by completing 12 years without a single polio case. On 27th march 2014, nearly a decade ago, India was certified as a polio free nation. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering dedication, collaborative efforts, and genuine commitment of individuals at every level. However, we … Continued

My Aching Bones!

Mr. Phaneendra can still remember the day he experienced his first real injury. He is a 67 year old retired employee, from the banking sector, who retired as a senior manager. Paradoxically, his injury happened, right outside his bank, from which he retired. While climbing down the stairs of the exit, on a rainy day, … Continued

If you aim to be Fit and Fine, It’s time to “Move Your Spine”!

Today, we spotlight World Spine Day 2023, a global health event that aligns seamlessly with Ramaiah Memorial Hospital’s core values of promoting wellness and preventive healthcare. The theme this year, “Move Your Spine,” is not just a slogan but a powerful call to action, urging everyone, across all ages and nationalities, to adopt an active … Continued

Mental Health: A Universal Human Right

The 10th of October is observed as World Mental Health Day. Globally, all the stakeholders work towards creating awareness about mental health and promote activities to reduce mental health issues. The theme for year this 2023 is “Mental Health is a Universal Human Right” which signifies that Mental health is a Basic human right of … Continued

Use Heart, Know Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the most common non-communicable disease and accounts for 31% of mortality worldwide. World Health Organization observes World Heart Day on 29th of September every year. People all over the world come together to commemorate this day and to spread awareness regarding cardiovascular disease. Each year WHO issues a theme pertaining to important … Continued

Shining a Light on Childhood Cancer in India

Childhood cancer is a term used to describe various types of cancer that affect children and adolescents 18 years or younger. These cancers can manifest in different ways, such as leukaemia/ blood cancers, brain tumors, bone cancers, and many more. What makes childhood cancer particularly heartbreaking is that it strikes the most vulnerable members of … Continued

World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s day is celebrated on 21st September every year to raise the global awareness and to support the patients and their families to fight against Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. The theme for this year 2023 is “Never too early, never too late”, which underscores the importance of risk factor identification and proactive risk … Continued

World Patient Safety Day

Ensuring Patient Safety: A Comprehensive Approach at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital Ramaiah Memorial Hospital proudly holds accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) 5th Edition. This prestigious accreditation underscores our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of patient care and safety. Compliance with the NABH 5th Edition standards is a … Continued