Fungal Disease Awareness Week: 18-22 September 2023

Fungal Disease Awareness - M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
September 20, 2023 / Blog, Pulmonary And Critical Care

Whoever thought someone could die, from infections that are caused by Fungi!

They can infect anywhere from the brain to the skin, Mucor loves diabetics more than their skin.

Fungal spores are everywhere, Immunocompromised hosts, Beware!

They can cause brain abscess, keratitis and sinusitis to name a few, Their rates of infection increase when you are building something new.

Candida auris is one of the deadliest bugs, It is resistant to most of the available drugs.

Black fungi are very dangerous and aggressive, The infections they cause are usually progressive.

Cryptococcus loves those with HIV, Just likes Aspergillus loves those with TB.

Antibiotics for fungal infections will only increase your bill, Remember there are many fungi that can kill.

When we think of fungi in our differentials, We will be worthy of our credentials.

If picked up early, they are easier to treat, They can spread anywhere from our hands to feet.

Dermatophytes that infect our skin, nails and hair, They are definitely the most annoying ones out there!

You apply the ointment the chemist gives, Despite your efforts the fungus lives.

Antifungals should be used appropriately as resistance is on the rise, If you don’t use the right ointment, the lesions will increase in size.

If you have any fungal infection, Kindly consult an expert for a prescription Fungi and sweat are like inseparable friends, Cotton clothes will help you make amends.

Prevent their spread by good personal hygiene and washing your hands, Spread awareness so everyone understands.

Think Fungus, Save Lives – Fungal Disease Awareness Week Sept 18-22 September 2023

Dr. Parinitha
Hospital Infection Control Committee

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