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Bladder Rehab Clinic - M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital
September 16, 2023 / Blog, Urology

For many people going to the bathroom may not be as simple as it seems. These patients may have lost control over their bladder function resulting in either increased frequency, inability to empty their bladder causing urinary retention or weakness of pelvic floor muscles resulting in urine leakage. Following are some of the cases we have encountered:

  • A 35 year old, mother of 2, gym instructor suffering from urine leak with even minimal physical exertion resulting in her contemplating change of profession.
  • A 60 year old school principle, with frequent urination at night causing disturbed sleep resulting in day time drowsiness and loss of productivity.
  • A 14 year old boy with repeated episodes of bed wetting.
  • A 55 year old real estate agent, who had earlier recovered from a stroke, is now suffering from increased urinary frequency with need to empty his bladder almost every hour preventing him from even stepping out of the house for the fear of not finding a toilet, resulting in social isolation and depression.
  • A 40 year old paraplegic patient on long term urinary catheter facing recurrent urinary infections.
  • A 60 year old chartered accountant with Parkinsons disease with poor urinary stream.

These are just a few of the vast array of patients which we see at the BLADDER REHAB clinic in the Urology department at Ramaiah Memorial Hospital.

This is a unique, one-stop solution for all patients with urinary issues. Equipped with advanced investigative techniques like Video urodynamics it provides multidisciplinary care and a wide range of treatment options ranging from:

  • tailored medications
  • pelvic floor training with biofeedback
  • care of patients on long term catheters
  • botulinum toxin injections into the bladder for refractory cases of bladder overactivity
  • sling surgeries for women with stress urinary incontinence
  • artificial urinary sphincter
  • “Bladder pacemaker” (sacral neuromodulation).

This clinic is open from Monday to Friday between 11 am to 3 pm.

Dr. Tarun Dilip Javali
Prof and HOD
Urology, Andrology, Renal Transplant and Robotic Surgery

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